Ring Sizing Kit: How does it work?

Shopping online for wedding rings can prove difficult, especially if you are not sure what the sizing is like from a specific brand or designer.

To make things easier, I have created a helpful ‘Ring Sizing Kit’ so you can be 100% sure on your size when you place your order. Risk-free sizing straight to your door! Sounds perfect right?

Note: All orders have the option to receive a free sizing kit. Please check the product description before ordering. 

What is in the ring sizing kit?

The ring sizing kit will contain a collection of rings in similar sizes to what you THINK your ring size is. For example, if you think you are a size ‘S’, I will send you an S, two size's up and two size down, along with some half sizes to be extra sure!

How does it work??

I will simply send you out a FREE ring sizing kit after you have placed your order. Order your ring in the size you think you are after you have measured your finger size using the PDF tool here. I will then email after you have placed your order to see if you require the sizing kit.

A blue sign that says sizing tool

Once you have confirmed with me that you would like a sizing kit, I will send one out as soon as possible. The kit will be with you within two or three days depending on postal times. International orders will take a little longer.

Tips when using the ring sizing kit

Once you have found the most comfortable sized ring, I advise leaving it on for a few hours. The temperature of your body can make your fingers change size slightly due to the heat inside and outside. After testing out the ring sizes, make sure you note down the one that fits you best and is the most comfortable.

Remember, some of the ring profiles are slightly more curved than others, and some have straighter, bolder sides, so keep this in mind. I will try my best to send ring kits out that have similar profiles to the design you have requested. This way you can get a better feel of how the ring will fit.

Contact me

Still have questions about the ring sizing kit? You can email me directly on anthony@anthonyalferev.co.uk to find out more.

Please allow 1-3 working days for me to reply, as the workshop can get a little busy at times!

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