Carbon Fibre wedding ring

Pure Carbon


      Our Classic Carbon wedding ring collection, lets the beauty of the carbon fibre stand out. Every ring is custom made and due to the layering process no two rings are ever quite the same. Your Carbon Fibre ring will be unique to you. Coloured diamond and Sapphires can also be incorporated to make the piece extra special.

      Whether night black or in a subtle grey - these noble carbon rings inspire in many ways. Explore our Precious Inlay collection, to merge this high-tech material with Gold, Palladium or Rose gold. 
      Made for you, Made for your lifestyle 


      0T59338-F002-000-N000  T59288-F002-000-N000  4T59288-F002-000-N000-X  3T59289-F002-000-N000 8T51813-F002-000-N000-I 9T51024-F002-000-N000-I