Zirconium black wedding ring set



      Zirconium Wedding Rings

      For everyone that places high demands on their rings. The oldest geological material on our planet combines the best properties with modern, timeless designs. In terms of durability and longevity, zirconium is very strong, hard-wearing and hypoallergenic.

      Black Wedding Rings for Men and Woman

      Black is not a new colour in jewellery. The Greeks gave Onyx its name while the Romans wore Onyx engraved with the image of Mars (the God of war) as they believed that it would give them courage on the battlefield. 

      Check out my Blog on Black Weeding rings to learn about Materials, Strengths and different styles.

      Carbon Fibre or Zirconium for a Black Wedding Band

      Both Materials offer there own unique look and feel. Carbon Fibre is extremely light in weight were as Zirconium has a weight similar to a gold wedding ring. Look through the styles available to see which appeals to you more. Carbo Fibre Wedding Rings