Titanium & Carbon Fibre

Titanium & Carbon Fibre

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      Black Wedding Rings

      Black is not a new colour in jewellery. The Greeks gave Onyx its name while the Romans wore Onyx engraved with the image of Mars (the God of war) as they believed that it would give them courage on the battlefield.

      Leading the way in New Style Wedding rings, engagement and celebration rings

      Carbon Fibre and titanium wedding and engagement rings offer the Ultimate in comfort with a striking look and lifetime durability. 

      Court Shape | Flat | Textured | Polished | Hammered | Light Grey Carbon Fibre

      9T52483-F001-000-2050  9T52475-F000-000-2050 7T52477-F000-000-2050I 6T52519-F001-000-N200-I 6T52488-F000-000-2050I  

      5T52483-F001-000-2050-4mm-I 9T52483-F001-000-2050-7mm-I