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Your wedding and relationship is unique. We believe your wedding rings should be unique too!
As well as some of the traditional styles you’ll know, our wedding ring collection is mainly made up of rings that are very different from the traditional wedding rings of only a generation ago.
Modern machinery and the internet have fuelled creativity and innovation, elevating this significant life investment to new heights of fascination and desire.



For the Groom? Be adventurous and use this chance to express your individuality. Your ring will catch the attention of thousands over the years, silently making an impression.
The bride is generally advised to opt for a wedding ring made from the same metal as her engagement ring. This ensures equal wear and tear, allowing both rings to age gracefully together. If a wedding ring will not be worn alongside another ring, there are no limitations.


The final choice boils down to the material's characteristics, aesthetics, and cost. Over time, Anthony Alferev has had the privilege of assisting many couples in making this choice. Our primary suggestion is to explore various styles and select a few favourites. Then, consider what fits your budget. Many ring styles can be crafted from different metals. So, if you find a platinum ring appealing but it's beyond your budget, the same design in Titanium could be just a fraction of the cost!


Feel free to contact us if you find a ring you like but need different options.



Carbon Fibre is used in high-performance sports such as Cycling, Motor Sports, Skiing, and Golf. It is perfect for those passionate about high performance and action. Each Carbon Fibre ring we offer is uniquely handcrafted and hand wound on it’s own or with Titanium, or around a precious metal like Platinum, 18k Gold, or 950 Palladium. This process guarantees the uniqueness of each Carbon piece; no two rings are identical. If you want something durable and stunning – then Carbon Fibre is for you!


Carbon Fibre & Titanium



Tantalum is an exceptional choice for a wedding ring for several reasons. It offers a luxurious weight, unique shade, and exciting colour. It is hypoallergenic and durable. Tantalum is resistant to corrosion and only corrodes if exposed to hydrofluoric acid. It is shatterproof, unlike metals such as tungsten, making it suitable for individuals with active lifestyles.


Tantalum is robust and provides the wearer with a durable ring that will withstand the test of time. If you prefer a touch of luxury, Tantalum rings can be adorned with diamonds.


Tantalum Collection



Titanium is renowned for its durability and incredible lightness, making it a preferred choice in the aerospace industry. As a hypoallergenic and inert metal, it is an ideal choice for those with allergies to other precious metals. Despite it being so lightweight on your finger, you will always remember the significance of wearing it!


Titanium Collection



Exhibiting both versatility and durability, platinum is a dense metal that naturally has a white hue. This robustness makes it resistant to normal wear and tear.
Owing to its 95% purity, platinum never loses its lustre and retains its colour consistently.



Rising in demand as a lighter substitute to Platinum, Palladium is also a member of the platinum metal family. It retains the same 95% purity and is equally resistant to everyday wear and tear.
Just like Platinum, Palladium does not tarnish.

Palladium Collection



Historically, gold has been the metal of choice for crafting jewellery, thanks to how pliable it is, meaning it can be easily crafted into different shapes. However, this trait requires gold to be combined with other alloys to enhance its durability.
The purity of gold is determined in carats, divided into 24 parts, with pure gold being 24ct. The higher the gold content, the softer and less resilient the metal becomes, which is why 22ct gold is typically used for simple wedding bands only.
18ct gold is 75% gold, and 9ct gold is 37.5% gold. These grades are better suited for more complex wedding ring patterns.



Naturally, gold has a yellow colour, but combining it with other alloy metals can intensify the colour. The colour variations among the different grades are subtle yet noticeable. The purer the metal, the more vibrant the colour.

Yellow Gold Collection



Since the early 1920s, White Gold has been in vogue and has recently become the preferred colour in the UK. Creating white gold involves mixing yellow gold with copper, zinc, or palladium. Each alloy selection may result in a slightly different shade of white, and as a result, some alloys undergo Rhodium plating to achieve a genuinely white finish.



With its warm pink hue, Rose gold is quickly gaining popularity for wedding rings. The blend of yellow gold and copper creates this unique colour.

Rose Gold Collection



For those leading an active lifestyle or with hands-on jobs, stainless steel is the perfect choice due to its strength and durability. Thanks to its alloying with chromium, this metal is tarnish resistant.

Stainless Steel Collection



The allure of diamonds is steadily growing in modern designs. In the past, diamond-studded bands were typically chosen as eternity rings, often marking anniversaries or the birth of a child. However, brides are opting to highlight their engagement rings with glittering wedding bands.

Rings with Diamonds



Wedding bands may require custom shaping to pair perfectly with engagement rings. Considering the range of engagement ring styles, each wedding band requires a unique design to ensure an optimal fit. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your needs.


We can create digital scans of your engagement ring, allowing our jewellers to design your wedding band so it’s perfect for you.


While all Anthony Alferev wedding rings are crafted as a duo, they do not necessarily need to be bought as a set. Your rings can demonstrate your individuality as a couple.



While your loved ones might wish to share their views, remember that the ultimate decision lies with you. After all, you will wear and admire the ring for a lifetime.



Engraving a personal or secret message makes your rings even more special. Such engraving can create a unique charm. Historically, Poesy Rings from the 15th century were frequently etched with a meaningful phrase inside a simple yellow gold band.




Your wedding rings will be custom-made according to your exact specifications, so allocating at least 6-8 weeks is advisable. Early orders are preferable, as time constraints can limit your design choices. So order early to get exactly what you want!



Interestingly, grooms are much more likely to misplace their wedding bands, often during the honeymoon! Initially, wearing a ring might feel odd, but it will soon become second nature. Refer to our size guide here, and once you place an order, we'll offer our At Home Ring Sizing service to ensure a perfect fit for your wedding ring.


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