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Ring Buying Guide


We hope you enjoy shopping our collection of wedding rings, some you will find very different to the expected traditional wedding rings of only a generation ago. With modern machines and the internet to drive and inspire new designs we are able to take this important purchase to another level of desire and wonder.


It is advised that the bride should choose a wedding ring in the same metal as her engagement ring as wear and tear is minimised if the two rings are of equal hardness and they will age well together.  If a wedding ring will not be worn next to another ring there is no restrictions and choice will come down to the properties, look and cost of material used.

For the Groom? Be bold, this is your opportunity to express yourself. 1000's of people will notice this ring on your finger over the years, silently impress them.

Over the years Anthony Alferev has had the honour to help many coupes choose their rings. Our first piece of advice is to browse styles that you like and pick a few. Then look into what will fit into your budget, many styles of ring can be made in different metals, don’t be put off if you see a planinum ring and the prices more than you can spend, the same ring in Titanium could be one tenth of the price! Please always contact us if you see the ring you like but require other options.


Carbon Fibre is used in high performance Sports, such as Cycling, Motor Sports, Skiing, and Golf. Carbon Fibre is for the person who loves and appreciates performance and action.

Each of our Carbon Fibre rings are individually, hand wound, whether alone, with Titanium or around a precious metal like Platinum, 18k Gold or 950 Palladium. This gives each Carbon piece its own individuality; no two rings are the same.
Carbon Fibre is ideal for its use in jewellery due to its durability and striking look.


Titanium is most commonly known for being durable and incredible lightweight. These qualities have contributed to its specialist use in the aerospace industry.  As a metal that is both inert and hypoallergenic, it is also a popular choice for those who experience allergic reactions to other precious metals. It's light weight might meen you forget your wearing it, but not the reason why!


Platinum is versatile and durable with a naturally white colour.  It is a very dense metal which makes it more resilient to wear and tear.  Because it is 95 per cent pure, platinum does not tarnish and its colour remains constant.  


Palladium is growing in popularity as a lighter alternative to Platinum.  As part of the platinum family of metals, it is still 95% pure and equally resilient to wear and tear.   Like Platinum, it does not tarnish. 


Gold has been used throughout history for jewellery; its pliable nature means it can be easily crafted into different shapes.  But because of this characteristic, gold has to be mixed with other alloy metals to increase its durability.

Gold is measured in carats and divided into 24 parts and so pure gold is measured as 24ct gold.  

The higher the gold content, the softer and less durable the metal which is why 22ct gold tends to be used only in plain wedding bands.  18ct gold is 18/24 parts or 75% gold and 9ct gold is 9/24 parts gold or 37.5% gold.  These grades are better suited for more intricate wedding ring designs.


Gold is naturally yellow but mixing with other alloy metals will affect how strong the colour is.  The colour variations between the different grades are subtle but discernible.  The purer the metal, the stronger the colour.  


White Gold has been fashionable since the early 1920s and has recently become the most popular colour used in the UK.  To create white gold, yellow gold is mixed with copper, zinc or palladium.  Each alloy choice may give a slightly different white and consequently, some alloys are Rhodium plated to create a really white finish. – See our WHAT IS RHODIUM PLATING -LINK


Rose gold is fast becoming a popular colour for wedding rings.  Its warm pink shade is created by combining yellow gold with copper.


Its qualities of strength and durability make it perfect for someone with an active lifestyle or a hands-on job.  Being alloyed with chromium, this metal is resistant to tarnishing.  


Diamonds are becoming more and more a feature of many contemporary designs.  Traditionally, bands set with diamonds were bought as eternity rings to celebrate an anniversary or birth of a child.  However, nowadays, brides are choosing to use a sparkly wedding ring to frame their engagement ring. 


Depending on the style of the engagement ring, some wedding rings need to be shaped to sit comfortably together.  Because of the infinite number of engagement rings designs, each wedding band should be individually designed to ensure the best fit.  Please contact us at to discuss your requirements.  Digital scans can be made of your engagement ring from which our jewellers can then design your wedding ring.  


All Anthony Alferev wedding rings are designed as a pair but do not have to be purchased this way. You are two individuals and your rings can reflect this.


Your friends and family will want to share their opinions with you, but make sure you choose the ring you like.  After all, you will be the one who will be wearing and seeing it for the rest of your life.


Engraving a personal or secret message makes your rings even more special.  Engraving can add that individual touch.  During the 15th century, Poesy Rings were often engraved with a significant phrase on the inside of a plain yellow gold ring. 


Your wedding rings will be made to order, to your exact specification so give yourself at least 6-8 weeks.  The sooner they are ordered the better as time restrictions will limit the design options available to you.  


Grooms are ten times more likely to lose their wedding rings, often on honeymoon!  If you are not used to wearing a ring, it will feel strange at first; but after a few weeks, you won’t even notice it.  Check our size guides here and once you order we will offer our At home ring sizing service, to be 100% confident in your wedding ring fit.