Carbon Fibre

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      Wedding rings featuring Carbon Fibre

      We use two types of Carbon Fibre in our Unique wedding rings. Hand wound Carbon Fibre and Forged Carbon Fibre in Black and Light Grey.

      Wedding rings with our Hand Wound Carbon Fibre use a Carbon Fibre Tow. This is  thousands of individual, very fine, filaments of Carbon fibre together.

      The special process of hand winding the carbon onto each ring gives every ring a slightly  individual look, as the filaments will lay differently each time.

      And by hand winding the Carbon Fibre, we are able to keep the Quality of every ring, exceptionally high.

      Our Forged Carbon Fibre rings are made from rods of solid Carbon Fibre Composite. The ring is milled from the rod which gives each ring its own unique pattern.

      Both types of Carbon Fibre that we use are extremely strong, Hypoallergenic, resistant to most chemicals and water, will always stay a true Black (or light Grey is you choose this option.

      See our Blog on Carbon Fibre and its properties Here for more information