Tantalum vs Titanium

Still not sure which metal to choose? We discuss the pros and cons of both tantalum vs titanium, making it easier for you to decide which one with suit you and your lifestyle best. Look below and don’t forget to visit the links to view the full collection of titanium and tantalum designs.


Titanium is a chemical element with the symbol Ti. It is a lustrous, transition metal with a silver color, low density, and high strength. It is also non-harmful and non-toxic to living tissue, making it a great choice for anyone with skin sensitivities or allergies to other metals.

For an in depth read on Titanium see the Wikipedia link Here

Pros of Titanium


All in all, titanium is strong. We often see men with manual jobs choosing this metal thanks to its sturdy, durable and tough-wearing properties.


Titanium is one of the most affordable wedding ring options and will not burn a hole in your pocket! The plain titanium bands at Anthony Alferev start at just £95. They are a great choice for the budget-conscious couple that still want something sleek and stylish. You can shop plain titanium designs here.


When you wear a titanium ring, you will likely find yourself sitting taller with your shoulders back and your head held high. The band sits pleasantly on your hand and gives you a sleek, finished way to let the world know just how much you love your spouse!


No matter what you do on a day-to-day basis, titanium is up for the task. It is resistant to the wear of life and will see you through office work, handyman jobs and intense workouts. Whatever you are up to, it is by your side. And it is resistant to tarnish, so it will easily fit into your busy life!

Sounds perfect, right? We could not agree more, and we wish you happy shopping! But if you are not quite sure that titanium is right for you, let us look at a few of the drawbacks and what you might need to consider before making the leap.


Titanium engraves very well and the text or image will last for the life of the ring

Polished Titanium RingPolished Titanium Band

Cons of Titanium


Unfortunately, only some titanium rings can be re-sized due to the way they are crafted. If your finger changes shape or size over the years, you may find that you need a replacement ring instead. The good news? These gorgeous rings are inexpensive, so it will be easy to make a swap and will even switch up your look a bit.


While titanium is durable, when it does get the occasional scuff or scratch, they may not buff out, a more intense refurbish may be required but I can do this for you. 



Tantalum Wedding Rings


Tantalum is a chemical element with the symbol Ta. Previously known as Tantalium, it is named after Tantalus, a villain from Greek mythology.

For a deep read on Tantalum see the Wikipedia page here

Pros of Tantalum


Tantalum is super durable and highly resistant to breakage and scratches. It is also resistant to corrosion and will only corrode if exposed to hydrofluoric acid.

Tantalum is shatterproof, making it ideal for people with busy hands who lead active and busy lifestyles. Even if your tantalum band gets scratched, these marks can be polished out easily, leaving the surface lustrous as ever.


Caring for Tantalum could not be easier, and no special requirements are needed to care for it. Simply clean your Tantalum ring with a mild soap and water and then rinse. Make sure to keep your ring in a separate pouch if you are keeping it stored away. This will prevent any scratches when you come to taking the ring back out.


Tantalum requires very special techniques to engrave but the finished results are exceptional. The metal shows the image or text fantastically well. Titanium also hold engraving well. In the quest for Tantalum or Titanium wedding ring, titanium is probably better for outside ring engraving with Tantalum holding the engraving better inside.

Tantalum Engraving


Unlike Titanium, Tantalum is a malleable metal and can be resized by a specialist. Whether you are looking to go up or down in size, there usually is not much of an issue and there is no need to have the ring replaced. It is also possible to cut Tantalum, making it possible to remove in an emergency.

Textured Tantalum Band

Cons of Tantalum


Tantalum is a scarce and highly valued metal compared to Titanium, and this is somewhat reflected in its price. They may be a little more costly than Titanium but are less expensive than platinum. Tantalum rings are normally priced midway between industrial metals and the precious metals.

Design limitations

One thing about Tantalum rings, is that there are not many designs on the market right now. Tantalum rings are generally made for wedding band styles. Finding a dainty tantalum ring or piece of jewellery can prove difficult.

For a deeper look into Tantalum Wedding Rings please read The Extensive Guide to buying a Tantalum Wedding Ring

If you are still torn between Tantalum or Titanium, please drop me an email at anthony@anthonyalferev.co.uk and I can find the perfect match for you.

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