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A bride and groom sitting on grass by a river black wedding rings just out of view 

When it comes to wedding rings, tradition often leads us to envision classic gold or silver bands. However, for those seeking something more distinctive and unconventional, presents an exciting collection of black wedding rings.

In this blog post, we'll explore the allure of black wedding rings and why they have become a captivating choice for modern couples who wish to make a bold statement with what we think is one of the best colours for a wedding ring.

Black is not a new colour in jewellery. The Greeks gave Onyx its name while the Romans wore Onyx engraved with the image of Mars (the God of war) as they believed that it would give them courage on the battlefield. - 


Unleashing the Aesthetics of Black:

Black wedding rings, with their captivating dark hues, symbolize strength, power, and sophistication. They are a bold departure from the conventional, exuding an air of mystery and individuality.

At, black wedding rings take centre stage, embracing modern aesthetics and craftsmanship to offer couples a symbol of their unique love.

A group of black wedding rings on a table. The black Carbon Fibre rings are inlayed with Palladium, Bronze and Titanium. They are men's wedding bands
1.What Materials will stand the Test of time?

The black wedding rings at are crafted from materials, showcasing the perfect fusion of durability and style. From sleek Black Zirconium to contemporary Carbon Fibre, these rings are meticulously designed to withstand the test of time. Each material is carefully selected for its striking appearance, ability to capture attention and most importantly, Durability.

There are a lot of Black 'Plated' rings on the market, black plated Tungsten, surface treated Titanium,

2. Why

Black wedding rings have an Edgy Aesthetic that transcends traditional designs. The dark colour creates a captivating contrast when paired with Palladium, Rose Gold, or Even Bronze.

An alternative metal wedding band will look stunning in your Wedding photos. As shown here by the talented Amie Seal Photography

Whether it's a minimalist band or a symbolic wave pattern, the black backdrop enhances the beauty of every element, resulting in a stunning piece of wearable art. They effortlessly complement a range of personal styles and can be paired with both formal and casual attire.

Match Your Style:


Black wedding rings break free from the traditional notion that wedding jewellery must adhere to specific colours or styles. They challenge stereotypes and provide a platform for self-expression. By choosing a black wedding ring, couples can redefine the norms and embrace a symbol that truly reflects their uniqueness.

Symbolism and Significance:


Beyond their captivating aesthetics, black wedding rings hold deep symbolism. They symbolize commitment, strength, and a love that transcends boundaries. Black represents the eternal nature of love, highlighting the profound connection between two individuals embarking on a lifelong journey together.

Jewellers tray holding a collection of Black Carbon Fibre and Titanium wedding rings for men. one of the rings has a rose gold inlay

3. Why not

You will hear from the older generation that “A Black Wedding Ring will go out of Fashion, its just a Trend!” Yet they will be wearing a wedding ring from the past that we would not consider now! A wide Bark effect ring from the 70’s or a Man’s Diamond cluster wedding ring from the 80’s (they can actually be pretty cool!) But in over 25 years of making wedding rings, I’ve never heard a man say they no longer liked their wedding ring. It will be there on your wedding day and with you through all of life ups and down’s – It’s YOUR wedding ring.


There are limitations when it comes to resizing most Black wedding rings. The durability of the materials has a negative effect that makes them near impossible to resize. We do offer resizing options; this usually means a remake of the ring.
But again, that said, a fully diamond set wedding ring is also nearly impossible to resize and this is the choice of a large percentage of modern brides.

This is why we have developed our Home Sizing Kit. With the kit we can get the perfect fit for you, before the ring is made.


At, the collection of black wedding rings captures the essence of modern love and individuality. These rings offer an exciting departure from tradition, inviting couples to embrace the extraordinary and celebrate their unique bond with a symbol that stands out from the crowd. Whether you're drawn to the elegant allure, the symbolism, or the ability to break stereotypes, black wedding rings offer you the best of all worlds.

Take a leap into the extraordinary and make a lasting impression with a black wedding ring from

picture of a black wedding ring set, in black zirconium for men and woman. Brushed finish on the rings. One ring is set with three small diamonds


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