What Is the Best Metal for Mens Wedding Ring?

Choosing a wedding ring can be regarded as one of the most crucial parts of the wedding planning, a new feature to your hand that you will see every day. But what about the metal that the wedding band is made from? There are numerous varieties of metals/materials to choose from when deciding on a wedding ring. And they all have their advantages and disadvantages. But what is the best metal for men's wedding ring?

When it comes to picking the best metal for wedding bands, two types of metals can go head-to-head: tantalum and titanium. But what you ultimately choose will come down to fi factors:
• The colour of the metal/material
• The feel on your finger
• Durability
• The designs possible in that metal/material - Style
• And the cost

But before we proceed, it's important to have an idea of the variety of metals/materials and their pros and cons. Tantalum may be the ideal metal for many but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's the one for you. So, let's have a better understanding of what to expect and consider when you're out searching for the best metals for a man's wedding ring.

Carbon Fibre and Titanium wedding rings

Things To Consider Before You Order Your Ring
Your wedding band metals need to be durable while looking nice on your finger as well. Many other factors will come into consideration once you go out to buy your wedding ring. In recent years, alternative and industrial metals have been as popular as the traditional metals of Gold and platinum. Mostly because of their durability and cost.
For instance, tantalum is extremely durable and doesn’t require much maintenance. All metal bar Tungsten, will get small scratches from the first day you put them on, some have surface treatments that make them more scratch resistant, but just think of these small marks as the history of your life. Here are some of the other factors that you should consider before choosing the right metal for your wedding ring.

● Appearance
As it's a wedding ring, you're bound to have it on at most times. Do you want something that is unique and bold, or subtle and classic. When it comes to the color, that's your personal preference.

A dark metal like Tantalum or the black of Carbon Fibre are very striking and unusual on the finger. A polished Titanium, Platinum, or white gold, though very shiny, will be more subtle in time as the shine softens. Starting with the ring in a brushed finished may be an option if shiny is not your thing.

● The Feel on your finger
When your first hold a Tantalum and Titanium rings in your hand, you will be very surprised at the weight difference. Tantalum has a luxurious heft (weight) very similar to Platinum. While Titanium and Carbon Fibre are VERY light. Now a heavy weight ring will move around on your finger a little more but once you have worn the ring constantly for 3-4 weeks, you will no longer be aware of it. It will only feel strange when it is NOT on your finger.

● Durability
One of the most popular questions that I’m asked about any metal/material for wedding rings, “will it scratch?” – Yes, I’m afraid it will (carbon fibre doesn’t show the tiny scratches that metals do)
The Holy Grail in Wedding rings, is to find a metal that does not scratch. There are treatments that can make a metal more scratch resistant to start with but given some time this surface treatment will wear and the ring will form a natural patina.
Black Tantalum is one of these metals. The Black is a heat treatment to the surface of the Tantalum. This black will eventually wear off and the natural Blue-Grey of Tantalum will show through. Therefore I do not sell ‘Black Tantalum Rings’, it is similar to plating.
Tungsten is very highly scratch resistant but has so many limitations in design and resizing that I do not consider it a good choice for a wedding ring.
Any of the finishes on my rings can be re-applied any time you whish to refresh your wedding ring.
Tantalum or Titanium rings are so very durable that they will not wear out in a lifetime of wear.

Design – Style
Because of the hardness of Titanium and Tantalum, they can only be cut with special tools. They are also less malleable then gold or Platinum. This means that they can not be made into some of the designs that the precious metal can but on the flip side, the precious metals are not suitable for some of the amazing designs that can be created with Tantalum, Carbon Fibre or Titanium.
The striking look of rose gold in Carbon Fibre is very unique.

● Cost
Though the cost may not be an issue for some, when getting married there are a lot of expenses.
I would definitely say that the wedding rings are one of the most important purchases and have a look at what metal, style you would like very first of all, so that you do not under budget and not be able to afford the ring you would like when the time comes to purchase. The right wedding ring is not only a symbol of your love for each other, the look of it on your finger, the feel and comments that it will bring, will give you a lifetime of pleasure.
Traditional metals are quite expensive. But that's why alternative and modern metals are now more popular in the market space.

Best Metals for Men's Wedding Rings

There are quite a few metals that are perfect for men's wedding rings. Not only because of their durability but also due to their design, sophistication, maintenance, and cost. And once you use them for the wedding bands, the finished product looks amazing.
Titanium is quite hard for the mainstream wedding band. But that only adds to its durability. It's not prone to deep scratches. Thus, if you're quite active and tend to use things aggressively, then this is the perfect metal for your wedding band. And it's also very lightweight so you won't even feel like you're wearing a ring. When it comes to the cost, titanium is also very affordable.

Carbon Fiber

Now carbon fiber cannot be called metal. This is because it's made out of intertwined fibers; creating an extremely tough fabric similar in strength to a metal. (See our Blog post on Carbon Fibre) But that doesn't mean it's weaker than the other wedding rings. Carbon fibre can withstand extreme pressure and is also lightweight. The downside is that it mostly comes in black or grey so there aren't any colour options.

Selection of Black Carbon Fibre Wedding rings with Rose gold
Due to its resistance and durability, wedding rings made from Tantalum do not require much maintenance. But it does come at a price. Tantalum is a very rear metal, and the price is set to rise drastically as it is used more and more – a great investment. Tantalum Price
All in all, all these metals are great for men's wedding rings. You just need to know which one clicks with you the most.


Tantalum Wedding rings for men
By now you should have a decent idea of what is the best metal for YOUR wedding ring.
Because it is so hard to choose, and I know buying online with out seeing the ring makes it even harder. If there are a few designs you would like to choose between, it is possible to Make an Appointment to view the rings at our London Office OR I can send out a few rings when you make a purchase so that you can view the designs at home. Once you have decided we can change the order to the design that you whish to proceed with – do contact me for further details on this option Anthony@AnthonyAlferev.co.uk


And don't forget our Home sizing kit to get the fit perfect

Tantalum and black carbon fibre wedding rings Free sizing kit


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